Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank goodness for a little help

Last December I was given a raise that finally has me breathing a little easier. It isn’t quite where I would like to be but if my revenue is sufficient and therefore my Christmas bonus sufficient I will have had a decent year, for the first time in my life. I guess having “enough” at age 30 is nothing to complain about.

One of the gifts I gave myself because of my raise and bonus last year was the hiring of a house cleaner. I at first felt a little guilty about it. I’ve wanted one for years because I feel like cleaning house is a bit of a waste of time but I finally realized I just wasn’t finding the time to do it the way I liked to and it was becoming a stressful situation for me. Last year I would lament on a regular basis – “if only I had a little help. Even just someone to pick up the milk for me would be huge.” So I decided I could justify the expense of having someone come clean my house twice a month to maintain my sanity.

I came home last night after a long day spent working, volunteering with Rotary, taking the first class for my motorcycle endorsement and then a quick trip to the gym; making it around 10:00pm before I walked in the door, to a clean house. I walked in and could smell the cleanliness and I almost cried. H, my house cleaner, had gone home to Ecuador for a month so I had been attempting to keep up with things on my own and maybe that was part of the appreciation but there hasn’t been a better feeling in a very long time. Tessie gets a bit freaked out by it but she is starting to figure H and her helpers out I think and mostly gets mad because she puts her toys away while she is cleaning so Tessie has no entertainment until I get home. Once her toys are back in action she settles in and I think enjoys it as much as I do. We both slept pretty soundly last night.

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