Monday, April 28, 2008

New Years Resolution Update

I took and passed the class to get my motorcycly endorsement this weekend. It was a lot of fun. I now have the definite bug. I need Nate to get a new battery on the bike so I can start riding it. Why is it that every new "hobby" is so expensive? I bought a helmet but now I need the rest of the "gear". Evan told me I can't just ride in a tank. Rude. haha Now all we need is some consistant good weather. Some of the guys in the class live nearby and have already started emailing about rides. This could get fun and interesting.


Doug said...

Cluth and 1st gear...Look and go, look and go, look and go, look and go,......cover the clutch, thats 3.278 point off the eval.

I responded to your comment on Jason's Blog.

Does everyone have a blog these days?

The Baumer said...
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The Baumer said...

Oh wow, I just let my dog outside and caught myself telling him to look and go.