Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My life as a diet Coke commercial

Diana, Helga and I had our own diet Coke commercial moment today. I had the fortunate experience of having my windshield substantially broken by a golf ball last week and had to have my windshield repaired. On Monday the guys came to my office to change it and brought the wrong windshield because they didn’t realize my car is a 2004.5 (new body style) not a 2004. On Monday I had the pleasant surprise of realizing one of the guys installing the windshield was extremely attractive. Actually, they both are pretty good looking but one is more my age and type than the other although the one that isn’t as good looking (Jason) is much more charismatic. We’ll just call the better looking one the silent type. Anyway, they came back today and I mentioned to Diana and Helga that they were both pretty good looking. They are currently installing my windshield in the back lot. The three of us just stood there giggling and watching them from the window for about ten minutes. It made me think of the diet coke commercial from probably about ten years ago. Now my mission is to get the good looking guy's name before they leave. If I don’t I thankfully have an “in” to the company and I’m hoping Kevin is going to help me out. We’ll see.

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