Monday, April 28, 2008

New Years Resolution Update

I took and passed the class to get my motorcycly endorsement this weekend. It was a lot of fun. I now have the definite bug. I need Nate to get a new battery on the bike so I can start riding it. Why is it that every new "hobby" is so expensive? I bought a helmet but now I need the rest of the "gear". Evan told me I can't just ride in a tank. Rude. haha Now all we need is some consistant good weather. Some of the guys in the class live nearby and have already started emailing about rides. This could get fun and interesting.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank goodness for a little help

Last December I was given a raise that finally has me breathing a little easier. It isn’t quite where I would like to be but if my revenue is sufficient and therefore my Christmas bonus sufficient I will have had a decent year, for the first time in my life. I guess having “enough” at age 30 is nothing to complain about.

One of the gifts I gave myself because of my raise and bonus last year was the hiring of a house cleaner. I at first felt a little guilty about it. I’ve wanted one for years because I feel like cleaning house is a bit of a waste of time but I finally realized I just wasn’t finding the time to do it the way I liked to and it was becoming a stressful situation for me. Last year I would lament on a regular basis – “if only I had a little help. Even just someone to pick up the milk for me would be huge.” So I decided I could justify the expense of having someone come clean my house twice a month to maintain my sanity.

I came home last night after a long day spent working, volunteering with Rotary, taking the first class for my motorcycle endorsement and then a quick trip to the gym; making it around 10:00pm before I walked in the door, to a clean house. I walked in and could smell the cleanliness and I almost cried. H, my house cleaner, had gone home to Ecuador for a month so I had been attempting to keep up with things on my own and maybe that was part of the appreciation but there hasn’t been a better feeling in a very long time. Tessie gets a bit freaked out by it but she is starting to figure H and her helpers out I think and mostly gets mad because she puts her toys away while she is cleaning so Tessie has no entertainment until I get home. Once her toys are back in action she settles in and I think enjoys it as much as I do. We both slept pretty soundly last night.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Two Observations

1) Some people should not manage other people.
2) It should not snow in Seattle in the middle of April.

Picture of our parking lot courtesy of TKO.

Picture of my car after being in the gym for only an hour and a half at lunch.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Got it

Brad. His name is Brad.

My life as a diet Coke commercial

Diana, Helga and I had our own diet Coke commercial moment today. I had the fortunate experience of having my windshield substantially broken by a golf ball last week and had to have my windshield repaired. On Monday the guys came to my office to change it and brought the wrong windshield because they didn’t realize my car is a 2004.5 (new body style) not a 2004. On Monday I had the pleasant surprise of realizing one of the guys installing the windshield was extremely attractive. Actually, they both are pretty good looking but one is more my age and type than the other although the one that isn’t as good looking (Jason) is much more charismatic. We’ll just call the better looking one the silent type. Anyway, they came back today and I mentioned to Diana and Helga that they were both pretty good looking. They are currently installing my windshield in the back lot. The three of us just stood there giggling and watching them from the window for about ten minutes. It made me think of the diet coke commercial from probably about ten years ago. Now my mission is to get the good looking guy's name before they leave. If I don’t I thankfully have an “in” to the company and I’m hoping Kevin is going to help me out. We’ll see.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Whoa Witchy Woman

My best friend for my entire life’s name is Erin. She is scattered throughout this blog so those of you who have been readers for a while know her from that and many of you know her outside of cyber space. She moved from Seattle to Orange County a little less than a year ago. Unfortunately, she had to have emergency surgery this morning. She is fine now, tired but recovering and will be in the hospital for about five days.

My mom has this uncanny ability to know when someone is going to call her or when someone needs a phone call. We call it being witchy. I think it probably is just women’s intuition. Evidently, it is genetic. Erin told me she wasn’t feeling all that great yesterday afternoon but I didn’t think much of it and she didn’t make a big deal about it. For some reason last night at 10:00pm I texted Erin to see how she was feeling. Guess what folks, Erin went to the hospital at 10:00pm last night. It is crazy how you can be so connected to someone that even a thousand miles apart you just know.

I am praising God that she is fine. I don’t know what I would do without her. Her fiancĂ© and I have decided she is probably going to live another seventy years now and he and I are going to be “stuck” in heaven looking down when she is 100 years old. We will watch her go for another 30 mile run and wish she would hurry up and join us. I hope that is the case.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Traditional Gender Roles

I met a seemingly nice guy on Monday. Seems normal, knows Jesus, has a job, decent looking and he gave me his number. That's a bit unusual for me. Usually, it takes a while for that sort of thing to happen - especially in Seattle where the men are frankly all wimps. But see now I'm perplexed. I don't want to make the first move but he tricked me by making a move I don't often see by giving me his number rather than asking for mine. I think it is the guy's job to first open the door - especially to the phone call thing - but I also know it takes two to play and I am not really willing to walk away from this one immediately. What do I do!? Call? Ugh.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I took two random days off the end of March and went to Phoenix to visit Kristin, Travis and Hannah, get some vitamin D and watch baseball from the outfield lawn. What a great time it was. Kristin and I had some good chats about her dad, I got a bunch of “baby time”, Travis made me laugh until my sides hurt, the Mariners won one and lost one which is more than what they are doing now, I had a fun convertible to drive around and put plenty of miles on it (the lady at the car rental asked if I had REALLY put 400 miles on the car in two days), did some great shopping and basically just took some time for myself.

I bought the Colbie Caillat CD because I needed some music to listen to while I was driving around in my nice convertible and now that CD screams Phoenix and sunshine and loads of laughs. I can’t stop listening to it. It was a therapeutic two days for me.

I really do love Arizona. I like the strange mountains that stick out all over the place. I like the odd looking cactus and I think the people there are really great. I met Kirsten, a friend who lives here but was down there for a few weeks, on the second day of my trip to go to a game and dinner before my flight out and we talked a lot about the pros and cons of living in Arizona. She lived there eight years and then moved back to Seattle (by way of Eastern Europe). Since my senior year of college I have thought about maybe making Arizona my home someday. I do love the water and that is a big thing to think about giving up but there is something about the climate down there and the people who also flock there. Plus I could buy a nice house with a minuscule mortgage if I sold my house here and moved down. Travis was busy convincing me that it would be a good idea to do that. Kristin and Kirsten are a bit more rational and both discussed that I needed to return in August before I made any type of move which I think makes sense. It is hard when you have only been somewhere for vacation. You forget you would still have to go to work and work hard, probably harder than I do here because I really am in an ideal practice if I were to remain in private practice, (although as a sports agent life would be different……..) I would come into life down there with a few friends – law school friends Robert and Rachel and of course Kristin and Travis but I would be leaving things I love up here too, including being driving distance to my family and my “family” in the PNW and I forget the Mariner’s are only down there one month out of the year so it would be a different life than what I experience when I am on vacation.

Anyway, it was an awesome time with Kristin and Travis (AND Kirsten) and it was topped off by a fun conversation with a cute boy from Chicago while waiting for my flight home. It made it a bit easier when they announced it was snowing in Seattle in March since I was distracted by the conversation at the time. I came back rested, revitalized and with a sunburned nose. I’m not sure what more I could have asked for.

The Little Things – Colbie Caillat

The little things, you do to me are
taking me over, I wanna show ya
everything inside of me
like a nervous heart that, is crazy beating
my feet are stuck here, against the pavement
I wanna break free, I wanna make it
closer to your eyes, get your attention
before you pass me by

So back up back up take another chance
Don’t you mess up mess up I don’t wanna lose you
Wake up wake up this ain’t just a thing that you
Give up give up don’t you say that I’d be
Better off better off, sleepin by myself and wonderin
If I’m better off better off, without you boy

So don't just leave me hanging on

And every time, you notice me by
holdin me closely, and sayin sweet things
I don't believe, that it could be
you speekin your mind and, sayin the real thing
my feet have broke free, and I am leavin
I’m not gonna stand here, feelin lonely but
I won’t forget you, and I won't think this
was just a waste of time

So back up back up take another chance
Don’t you mess up mess up I don’t wanna lose you
Wake up wake up this ain’t just a thing that you
Give up give up don’t you say that I’d be
Better off better off, sleepin by myself and wonderin
If I’m better off better off, without you boy

But don't just leave me hangin on.....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cat Scratch Fever

I used Wikipedia the other day to figure out if Cat Scratch Fever was a true thing. Turns out it is. Who knew? I guess sometimes kids get a fever from scratches from a cat. It has something to do with bacteria in the cats’ nails or something. Well, this entry really has nothing to do with that but it is an interesting fact.

My darling nephew gave me the flu a couple weeks ago. I was miserable. I missed three full days of work and I only went in on the fourth day for two hours because I was starting to get so stressed that sleep was becoming difficult. I generally really like living alone. I like the privacy and quiet that comes with it. When I am home I generally am exhausted and want to be able to be a bit nonsocial so I can recharge. I guess that’s why on Meyers Briggs tests I come out as almost an introvert. When you get sick though there is nothing worse than living alone. I was sick enough that getting out of bed at all was a challenge. I tend to be a little bit of a hypochondriac and figure that at all times I MIGHT die so there is a bit of nervousness there. People call and check in and my Godmom brought me food etc but it isn’t the same as having someone to check on you in regular course.

All that being said I have a crazy cat as a roommate. She is seriously nuts. She is constantly running and the way she shows appreciation is by jumping on you and ramming her mouth into you so you feel like you have been bitten by a snake. She has this way of hovering while attacking you so she is batting you but somehow in midair and yet not really touching you. I’m telling you – she is Bat Cat and it is bizarre. I don’t feel like I can completely trust her. She has gotten much better since I got her – no more drawing blood which is a step in the right direction – but she still keeps you on edge.

What does this have to do with the flu you might be wondering? Well, since I live alone Tessie was really my only company for the four days I couldn’t even make it out of bed to the couch. I figured she would wake me up and pester me like normal but I’m telling you she was a completely different cat for those four days. It was pretty cool to see actually. She slept when I slept. She would NOT leave me alone upstairs in my bedroom. I had to trick her to get her to go downstairs to eat when I thought she really needed to. It was like she was stuck to me. On the worst night of being sick I fluctuated between being boiling hot and so cold I was shaking and somehow Tessie knew that. Every time I got to the freezing stage she would stretch out on me so her whole body was covering me from shoulder to hip. It was remarkable.

Anyway, there isn’t really a point to this other than to tell the story. I think cats sometimes get a bad rap. Tessie somehow knew I needed to be cared for and she did it. I guess I have to forgive her case of the crazies and just love her for it. Cat Scratch Fever indeed.