Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Harley riding God mother

On Saturday I was given two big thrills. The first one was that my friend (more like a brother) Nathan and his wife Juli asked Erin and I to be the God mothers to their new baby Seth. We of course jumped with joy and told them yes. He is the cutest little guy you’ve ever seen. I actually got to hold him at the hospital just minutes after he was born. He is the smallest baby I have ever held. I can’t wait to watch him grow up.

The second thrill was that I talked to Nate about his Harley. I’ve wanted a motorcycle for a while now but also want a wave runner so I have ended up getting neither because of my inability to decide which one to buy first. Anyway, Nate has a Harley that his Uncle gave him and we got to talking about the fact that I have almost stolen it from his parent’s garage a number of times. Well, it turns out Nathan doesn’t mind me using it whenever I want. It seems like being a dad has mellowed him out a little and I think Juli prefers that he doesn’t ride it. So this spring, I’m taking the class and Nate is going to get me all checked out on it. It isn’t quite the crotch rocket I’ve been dreaming of but it is close enough AND I don’t have to pay for it. Brian and Mike I hope you are ready for a new riding buddy because as soon as the weather is decent I’m hitting the road with you. I can’t wait!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My wedding

Someday, if I ever get married, this is the type of thing that will happen. This couple has it figured out. Why take it so seriously? Hopefully my wedding will be this entertaining and enjoyable for me, my husband and everyone there.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Two Elves and A Chicken

Lately I have been attempting to find anything and everything funny and grab hold. Well today I had lunch with two elves and a chicken. OK OK not REALLY two elves and a chicken but sometime around 1:15 I got the giggles and couldn't stop. For no reason really. I do that sometimes, just get overwhelmed with joy and the goofiest thing cracks me up. So to all of you, this may seem ridiculous but to me it is hilarious. Here goes (this is TOTALLY going to be lost in translation so just go with me, have a laugh over nothing and thank me for the excuse): it started with two of the most adorable electricians coming to my house to fix something in my attic. They were very short, well not VERY short, I mean compared to me most people aren't REALLY short but they were short for men. They were short and they were happy and helpful. It is no easy feat to get into my attic. Trust me. I've tried it and I can't do it. My dad broke my closet getting into it at Thanksgiving but these guys were just so happy to be climbing up over my law books (which I kept suggesting I move but they didn't want to put me out) and fixing my light. Short, happy guys that made me think of elves. Come on, that makes you smile right? Then, I was playing with my cat Tessie and she kept sitting on every toy that we were playing with so I called her a chicken. Suddenly, I realized I spent my lunch with two adorable Elves and a furry chicken. I'm still giggling. I know it seems dumb but spend any time in my head and you will see the humor in that. Besides Erin thought it was funny so at least I know it isn't just me. Well, that is still sort of like it just being me seeing as Erin's boyfriend says when she and I are together it is basically like we are walking around with ourselves and not OURselves but ourselves. Get it? ("have fun walking around with yourself today") Translating these things to words is not working very well. Oh well. At least I for one am grinning over it.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Firing Squad

I’ve never had to fire someone. It’s a fact that I am happy about. In fact, until today I have never even had to fire a service provider. I don’t think I’ve ever had to “fire” a doctor or a dentist. They’ve either retired or I’ve moved and therefore had no choice but to move on to someone else. Well, today I had to give someone the axe. Thankfully, no one I work with, or who works for me rather. Helga still has her job. I didn’t ask Patty to remove herself from the premises but I did have to fire a person who had been doing some work for a client of mine and therefore me. Shoot, as I am writing this I am realizing they weren’t even really MY employee. I don’t know why I am feeling so bad about it. Maybe it is because in a sense I rejected her and I know the feeling of rejection too well and it is an open wound for me right now. Whatever the reason I’m feeling pretty lousy about it. She even asked me to explain the reason. That sucked. What can you tell her? Basically, I liked the other guy better and wanted to work with him instead. He has a better business model. I felt more comfortable in his presence. He cut me a deal. There is no conflict of interest. He talked to me at the right moment. He looked my client square in the eye and told her he would do his best for her. The list goes on. I guess that’s business. I’m aware of that. It’s only business. But I could still hear the disappointment in her voice and the frustration with me butting my nose in. It made me feel bad. I guess maybe I am not management material because I am too much of a softy. Or maybe while it would weigh on me that is what would make me good management material. I guess for now I don’t have to worry too much about that issue but I do have to look this lady in the eye and take all of my materials from her on Thursday. Shoot. What have I gotten myself into.