Thursday, October 11, 2007

Summer 2007 (Part 1)

I realized the other day that there were some significant things that took place this past summer that I never memorialized in my blog. This information is a bit outdated but will serve me well in the future when I look back and want to remember what had been going on.

#1 Hawaii
Erica, Adrienne and I decided that we are all turning 30 this year and it was the perfect excuse to go on a trip together. I’m not sure what excuse I will be making for a trip to Belize next year but I am sure I can come up with something. The last week of May the three of us packed our bikinis and went. Erin’s aunt and uncle have a house on Maui that they said we could use any time so I took advantage and we had a free place to stay. It MIGHT have the nickname the shack for a reason but shoot, the price was right. We arrived in the evening on Monday May 21st and only had time really to get some food at Costco, find the house and then go out to dinner. I had never been to Hawaii and was SO excited to get there that I could hardly see straight. I LOVE the hot weather and had never been on a tropical vacation where I could just sit on the ocean shore all day and drink umbrella drinks. The first day we went to the West shore and spent the day in the sun. Unfortunately, my body decided to reject the idea of a relaxing vacation and I ended up throwing up on the beach, and in a parking lot on the way home, and on the side of the road and just outside our house. 24 hours later I was back to myself again – after at one point telling Adrienne and Erica to take me to the hospital because I thought I was dying – and it is a good story to tell. Best of all a good looking local (at least he was in my puke infested brain) gave me a mango to make my stomach feel better and I created a great memory for them of their memorial day picnic. Sorry about that.

I’m not entirely sure what A and E did the day I was sick, I think it entailed the beach and a little shopping but they could fill you in on the details. So, the third day I was back on my feet and we decided to drive the road to Hana. I suggested I drive as my stomach was still a bit queasy and I figured driving would be better than riding and man am I glad I did! I love to drive and I tell you that road was a lot of fun – even in a rented Grand Am. If only I had a motorcycle. I probably would have killed myself. On the Road to Hana we saw waterfalls, the Garden of Eden, Black Rock Beach and the Seven Sacred Pools to name a few. Words can’t begin to describe how beautiful that is. I can see why people go there on their honeymoons. It was amazing. Someday I would love to go back and stay in Hana or camp at Black Rock Beach.

The days we did things are starting to blur a little (I should have written this sooner) and I don’t want to bore you so the general remainder of the time was spent doing a lot of wonderful things and some serious relaxing. I got to surf which is SO much easier in Hawaii than in California! The break is so much further out and surfing in only a rash guard instead of a full wetsuit is 100 times better. We went on a kayaking/snorkel trip where we swam with the huge and amazing turtles and I enjoyed flirting with the guide. We spent a lot more time on the beach playing in the waves, body surfing and swimming. We went to an amazing luau and spent a night dolled up and out on the town. A and I went and saw the most amazing sunrise on top of the crater and I know there were more major adventures. Maybe A and E can remind me, or I should look at my pictures – a few of which are posted here. (HAHA - the pics just reminded me of Geisha face A!) Anyway, it was an amazing time. I didn’t want to leave. I haven’t ever put my watch back on so I claim to now live 100 percent of the time on island time and I am just fine with that fact.

Well, I’ll get to the remainder of the summer in the next entry. For now I’m off to have a drink with an umbrella to rekindle the memory. I can’t wait to go to LA next month. Maybe I’ll surf again.

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