Monday, April 09, 2007

Are you or someone you know getting married soon?

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Poor Ella

She is a sick lady again. Kept me up all night. Hopefully Uncle Kit can fix her up again.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Three-day rule cont.

I am not alone in my annoyance by the three-day rule. This is a great blog entry by a guy in NYC and a response from a female reader. I think it is interesting to hear this from a male perspective. His blog address is I figure I should at least plug his blog if I am using his entry on mine. It would be easier to just figure out how to put links in my blog entries but I don’t have the patience to figure that out right this second. I’ll get better at this as time goes on.

A defense of gamesmanship and stuff like that

This post of Bex’s got me thinking … a lot of girls I know say they hate it when guys “play games” and abide by things like the three-day rule. But girls should acknowledge they play plenty of games too: waiting to return calls, waiting to have sex, not accepting weekend dates past Tuesday even if they don’t have plans, etc. (All very valid rules, too).

I think girls hate things like the three-day rule because it brings to mind the times they’ve had to wait by the phone for some guy they really dug to call. They tend to forget the times they were semi-interested in some guy, and then dismissed him ’cause he came across as needy and lame by calling too soon. Who wants to be that guy?

Dating would be much easier if you had some secret way of telling how much your date liked you … but there really isn’t. Even if a girl is willing to make out with you passionately against a parked car in Chelsea after a cocktail or two, you can’t really know for certain how interested she’ll be the next day. And I’m sure guys are the same way. Hence, the need for games like the three-day rule.

(at least, in this one bloke’s opinion … not trying to pass myself off as any type of dating expert here)

Responses to “a defense of gamesmanship and stuff like that”

CL Says: That’s one of the more fair assessments of the situation. You kind of touched on something when you said you wished there was a way to know how much a date liked you. Because if someone really likes you, it’s not going to make a difference if you call soon or wait three days. Obviously someone who really liked you would be thrilled you get a call from you the next day. And someone who wasn’t that into you would consider that pushy. Really, waiting an extra day to call, or what have you, isn’t going to change someone’s opinion one way or the other.
But there are reasons to play “games” if you want to call it that. Say I went on a date with you and an hour in, thought you were the most amazing guy I’d ever met and wanted to marry you. I darn well wouldn’t say it, even if I was thinking it. So that, right there, is a game. (And for those who say I *should* say that, believe me, if I did it and the feeling wasn’t mutual, that would scare me from ever making any type of confession like that again.)

I think this is why people’s emotions are so much deeper when they’re younger…because they don’t temper them as much. They’re not as scared of getting hurt.

One comment, though - women don’t necessarily withhold sex in order to play a game. It’s often in order to make sure they’re not going to be used. If you’ve dated someone for a longer period of time, you can be more secure that they like you and will see you again or call you after sex. Making yourself that emotionally vulnerable and then never hearing from the person again is pretty painful. You start doubting yourself even more than usual, thinking, “Was it that bad?” or “I was willing to have sex with him, and all of a sudden he’s lost interest?” Believe me, it’s painful.

For both sides, there are no guarantees. I guess we play these “games” in order to not get hurt. There are degrees of gameness, though. Waiting a day to call is not as bad as, say, telling someone you’re dating four people at once in order to make them think you’re really popular - which would be stupid.

derek rose Says:

Thanks. That is a fair point about sex. Sometimes the games are not so much about not getting hurt as just trying to “market” yourself well, too, though. But that is a fair thing to do.

Also, I don’t know if I “wish” that there was an easy way to tell how much your date likes you … I mean, that’s just not going to happen until we develop telepathy. It would make dating maybe not as maddening, but not as much fun, either.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Follow up to What’s a Girl to Do?

Lowe is on the DL. Crap.

Marking Time

It seems as though lately all I have been doing is keeping track of time. It is my least favorite part of my job ~ billing in six-minute increments is not my favorite thing. I am constantly looking at the clock which sometimes makes the day seem quite long and other times alarmingly short. But lately in my personal life I have also been finding myself counting days and hours far too often. How many weeks until Sarah, Jenny and Kristen come? How long until I go to MN? How many weeks until Carney comes back? How long until my trip to Hawaii? These are all fun things to look forward to but I am wondering if I am missing out on things happening today, right now. Some people are really good about not putting the cart before the horse. I am not so much that way. I was talking to Erica the other day about this very thing. The goal of course is to appreciate the journey but she and I were both in agreement that we would both really like to know what the end held. I read the end of books first and never made a decision in choose your own adventure books without reading all of the options. Nothing much has changed there that is for sure.

What is the secret to enjoying today during today? A guy I dated last year told me to read a book called the Power of Now. After we broke up I tried to read it and I got a little weirded out by the “New Ageiness” so I never finished the book but I have a feeling there is probably some truth in there that maybe I should attempt again to find. In life I tend to look toward the future a lot which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but maybe I end up missing things and I don’t even realize it. It would be like taking a road trip and only looking straight ahead out of the front of the car. Can you imagine everything you would miss?

I wish I had an answer to this question but I don’t and it is making this blog entry rather difficult to finish so I think I am going to sign off now and head back to marking time in six minute increments but AFTER that I am going to stop marking time, counting days and weeks and I am going to attempt to enjoy life as it goes by.