Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Men = Lame

Ugh, I am frustrated. I don’t understand how the male mind works. Why is it that if a girl says to you, I will call you tomorrow she will call tomorrow but if a guy says to you I will call you tomorrow it means he will not call you tomorrow, and in fact probably will not call you the next day. You MIGHT be lucky enough to get a call on the third day (stupid rule) if at all. What I don’t understand is how a person can have a connection with another person and not wish to follow up on that – and how you can not continue to think about the person and want to talk to them AND how you can say something to someone and then just not do it. I would never say to someone “I’ll meet you for lunch tomorrow” and then not show and not call and maybe even not call the day after or the day after that. What has made that acceptable behavior? What has given men the right to think that is ok? To me that is just plain bad manners and I don’t understand it. Do you not care enough about other people in this world to do what you say you are going to do rather than just let it slide? Who started this stupid three-day rule? I would like to have them shot. If the individual I am ranting about right now (some of you will know who he is) actually calls me tonight, three days after we hung out and two days after I was supposedly going to get a call, I am going to be slightly annoyed, relieved but also annoyed. Why is it guys think that is ok?

On a more positive note – I would just like to point out the fact that opening day of baseball (the happiest day of the year) is only 19 days away, the Mariners FINALLY got two wins in a row and while it snowed a little this morning the trees are in full bud which means spring and the season are all incredibly close. I need to call and find out what is going on with my tickets. I guess I can’t be TOO mad at men since there are 40 of them that are going to be my number one source of entertainment for the next 9 months but still, pick up the phone and call when you say you are going to. I am sure they call their agents on time.

On top of ALL that (like that isn’t enough!) I have a new adorable car, Murph is coming to visit next weekend from MN and Kristen and Jenny are coming from MN the weekend after that to be here for 5 days (and opening day) and between those two visits I get to have dinner in the Rainer Tower for the first time ever. Seriously, if it weren’t for Carney being an idiot life would be pretty much perfect.

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Derek said...

Hey, thanks for the blog plug. But do you really think that men are more flaky than women? If a women said to me, "I'll call you," it'd probably mean she didn't want me to call her and I would not expect her to call me.