Thursday, March 29, 2007

What’s a girl to do?

It started way back when with Dave Valley (although I am a bit hesitant to admit that now) then shifted to Dan Wilson for many many years; my baseball crushes, the object of my unchanging affection during baseball season. I ALWAYS have someone that I keep an eye on. The reason for the crushes change. I have a thing for catchers, not going to lie, so the crushes on Dave and Dan were simple. Dan is attractive and from the Midwest and such a great family man and a Christian to boot! What wasn’t to admire/adore. Shoot, my cat’s middle name is Danwilson.

But last year after Dan’s retirement I was a bit at a loss about what to do. Enter Jeremy Reed. He wears #7 (my favorite), isn’t a catcher but plays centerfield with great gusto, is close to my age and is adorable. All reasons to have a crush – PLUS he lived next to Uncle George so the thought of maybe having a chance to meet him made him that much more appealing. I followed him and cheered for him until he broke his hand on the 3rd of July. I saw it happen live and knew it was broken as soon as it occurred.

But my enthusiasm wasn’t squelched! I was happy each time I saw him at the park and continued to follow his rehab progress as best I could. I anxiously awaited “next year” for a myriad of reasons but one was to see JR back in the lineup. I followed his progress this spring with rapt attention and was feeling as though there was some promise for him to land a bench job since it seemed very obvious the outfield was full. But then yesterday disaster struck. The Mariners sent him to the minors. He will be starting the season at Triple A Tacoma.

So now what!? My focus has been shattered. I have no game face going into Monday’s Opening Day game. As a baseball fan it is unnerving going into the season with a superstition in ruin. I know the success of the team falls on my routine and without a Dan Wilson or Jeremy Reed I am without one. CRAP.

Who can fill the void?

Yuniesky? He has heart but I am not really into shortstops.

Big Sexy – interesting idea. 1st base is a good position. Have you heard the guy give an interview though? Not a lot of charisma there.

What about pitchers? No more Joel who I could have easily fallen in love with. Pitchers are hard too because if they are a SP you only see them once every 5 days. I need something more. One of my love languages is quality time. (hahaha – now I am cracking myself up.)

I am not into the Japanese players, I think mostly because everyone else is.

Raul? Too old.

The new guys haven’t proven themselves to me yet.



Lowe? Wait – that might be the answer. Maybe I can hang my hat on Mark Lowe. He is a reliever so I would see him more than every 5 days, from Texas which is always good, decent looking, has some fire in his belly. OK OK I am starting to come out of panic mode. Mark Lowe it is. For now at least. He better do well though or there is no way I am naming a pet after him!

Go Mariners!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I thought I just found a grey hair. Don’t worry though – it was just a fake blonde one.

Monday, March 19, 2007

OK OK I forgive him

He is lucky he is so wonderful or the three-day thing would have been the end (well, maybe – turns out a weakness for Navy men is genetic). There is some great information about the three-day rule on the internet. Here are a few:
This guy is dead on:

This one doesn’t have anything to do with the three-day rule but it cracked me up.

Or this one (ok I am seriously dying of laughter)

Ah dating.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who was it that invented the three-day rule and does anyone have a shotgun I can borrow?

So, Carney came through (I really have a hard time calling him Carney although it is quite humorous since he worked on roller coasters at one point in his life) and called last night. Three-day rule. Stupid. Whoever established that does not deserve to be alive. Does he (I say he because it had to have been a guy!) know what that does to a girl? Oh well, at least he called and we have plans for the weekend. Phew. Now I can breath again.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I need to get out of my own way

I can't seem to get out of my own head today. It is making it incredibly difficult to work, hence the two blog entries. I need it to be Friday.

Men = Lame

Ugh, I am frustrated. I don’t understand how the male mind works. Why is it that if a girl says to you, I will call you tomorrow she will call tomorrow but if a guy says to you I will call you tomorrow it means he will not call you tomorrow, and in fact probably will not call you the next day. You MIGHT be lucky enough to get a call on the third day (stupid rule) if at all. What I don’t understand is how a person can have a connection with another person and not wish to follow up on that – and how you can not continue to think about the person and want to talk to them AND how you can say something to someone and then just not do it. I would never say to someone “I’ll meet you for lunch tomorrow” and then not show and not call and maybe even not call the day after or the day after that. What has made that acceptable behavior? What has given men the right to think that is ok? To me that is just plain bad manners and I don’t understand it. Do you not care enough about other people in this world to do what you say you are going to do rather than just let it slide? Who started this stupid three-day rule? I would like to have them shot. If the individual I am ranting about right now (some of you will know who he is) actually calls me tonight, three days after we hung out and two days after I was supposedly going to get a call, I am going to be slightly annoyed, relieved but also annoyed. Why is it guys think that is ok?

On a more positive note – I would just like to point out the fact that opening day of baseball (the happiest day of the year) is only 19 days away, the Mariners FINALLY got two wins in a row and while it snowed a little this morning the trees are in full bud which means spring and the season are all incredibly close. I need to call and find out what is going on with my tickets. I guess I can’t be TOO mad at men since there are 40 of them that are going to be my number one source of entertainment for the next 9 months but still, pick up the phone and call when you say you are going to. I am sure they call their agents on time.

On top of ALL that (like that isn’t enough!) I have a new adorable car, Murph is coming to visit next weekend from MN and Kristen and Jenny are coming from MN the weekend after that to be here for 5 days (and opening day) and between those two visits I get to have dinner in the Rainer Tower for the first time ever. Seriously, if it weren’t for Carney being an idiot life would be pretty much perfect.