Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas as a parent

No, no I am not a parent – don’t worry. I am not writing this to tell you all that I am suddenly expecting. Don’t pass out. What I am writing about is the amazing ability of some people to be great parents. I have been blessed with two of them – yup, a great mom AND a great dad. I am not sure what I ever did to be deserving of that but I lucked out I guess. I got blessed. Nothing showed me that more than something my dad did this Christmas. He received an Ipod for Christmas and decided to give it to me. It was something I have really been wanting since my MP3 player went missing on a plane ride from LA this September and I had asked for it for Christmas but didn’t get one. Instead, my dad got one, which I think he would have really enjoyed but instead he wanted to give it to me. I am thrilled to have one as I have been coveting them since they became practical to buy. He said he didn’t think he would use it but I don’t know that I am buying that. It got me thinking about how many parents I see in this world, either through work or coaching or in my friendships that are extremely selfish. Erin and I talk about it a lot – about how it is crazy to think of people having kids and having any thoughts of putting themselves before their kids. It just shouldn’t happen. I have one “friend” in particular that I think of when I think of selfish parents. She was complaining to me the other day about the time commitment she was making with her oldest daughter and this class she was going to be taking. I can’t imagine either of my parents complaining for a minute about taking me to a sporting event, or 4-H or having to give up their Ipod. It just wouldn’t happen. (And they for sure would not go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving with their boyfriend/girlfriend and leave me home to fend for myself at age 12.) That’s why my parents are so great. That is why I am most thankful this year for my wonderful family. I don’t know why the big man decided to bless me with the parents he did but I say – hey thanks God! I have never felt as lucky in my whole life as I did this Christmas. And thanks Mom and Dad for the Ipod!

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