Wednesday, November 15, 2006

First time home owner - scary

YIPPEEE!!!!! The house that I “purchased” in January 2005 is FINALLY DONE!!!! I took possession on the day after my Birthday last week (Happy Birthday to me) but really started to have possession of it the day of my birthday when some of my friends and family and I broke in and started painting. They of course didn’t know they could have been arrested. What?! I needed the help!

I moved in on Saturday with help from SO MANY dear dear friends. I am not quite settled yet and will wait to post pictures until I am a bit further along in the hanging pictures steps. It was a huge headache and a lot of stress to get to this point with a stupid builder. I can’t wait to show it to those of you who are in the area or who come from out of the area to visit. I have two extra rooms (yes 2!) so guests are ALWAYS welcome!