Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stupid people suck

I received a lovely email today with a 33 page letter attached telling me that I have broken the rules of ethics in the way I have represented a client. I have allegedly been playing “fast and loose” with the facts and this particular lawyer is going to sue me for barratry (I hadn’t heard that one before and had to look it up in my legal dictionary. It isn’t as cool as it sounds but it is a crime – one I haven’t committed), abuse of process, fraud, deceit and intentional or negligent misrepresentation. Awesome. This guy is the biggest pain and has been ridiculously hard to work with. The problem is he doesn’t really know what he is doing so to cover it up he threatens me. Again – awesome. It gave me a headache though. The worst part is that I have always treated him nicely and cordially. I have never done anything purposely to lead him astray, although I did make a mistake about the ability to mediate the claim my client has but mistakes happen. I am pretty sure that doesn’t lead to crime and punishment. He told me I should put my insurance company on notice for a malpractice claim. hahahaha This whole thing is so ridiculous. I can’t believe people like that actually exist.

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