Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mariners' Baseball

I started a blog entry about a week ago about my anger at the team for some of the stupid decisions made by the front office. It went on and on about how I am not apathetic about the team like many fans have gotten but rather that I have a lot of anger about blowing our chances. How can we be second best in the league in fielding percentage and be in the toilet in a very very weak division? I was and still am angry about the Jamie Moyer trade. I feel cheated out of something that I see as instrumental and important in any team sport and that is loyalty. I think the front office has failed in its duties to the fans and also even almost more importantly to the players. Yes, I suppose I still am quite angry and I am loudly calling for the firing of Bill Bavasi but something last night made me have a quick attitude change.

I went to the game last night against the Angels. In the top of the 8th inning with one out they lifted Jarrod Washburn for relief pitcher Rafael Soriano. Rafey threw one pitch to Vladimir Guerrero who hit a line drive come backer that hit him behind his left ear. The sound of the crack of the bat was nothing compared to the crack off his head. I honestly thought it might have killed him. I couldn’t watch what was going on on the field but was frustrated that the people who were around and attending to him were not running and where the heck was the aid car?! I thought a shot like that to the head could have potentially killed him and my friend I was with thought for sure his career was over. I kept picturing his wife and kids watching and how terrible it would be and to be honest, it made me cry. (I know - no crying in baseball but it just couldn’t be helped) I was happy to hear last night that the prognosis is good but I won’t rest easy, or probably stop having this stupid headache that came on immediately after the accident, until I hear he has been released from the hospital with a clean bill of health.

All of this made me think about the anger that I have had with the team and the frustration I started displaying at games when poor plays were made or people struck out. These guys are out there a lot of the year and yes, they are playing a game they love and making too much money to do it but the reality is that there are risks involved. We might not see it on a regular basis but at any time one of these guys could suffer a life changing injury. I still feel angry with the front office, I think they have consistently made some very poor decisions lately, but as for the players, I have a new appreciation. I don’t make my living sitting a few feet behind a piece of wood that is swinging at unknown speeds catching a 90 mph bullet. I don’t make my living under the scrutinizing eye of people like myself who could never in a million years do a fraction of what they are doing – shoot I can hardly even throw a ball. I guess the importance of all of this is that in all things we love, whether it be people, a game, a hobby or anything else, there are going to be things we don’t like but instead of taking it out on the people who are just the “players” take it out on the source, write a letter to the front office, take out an OpEd but for Pete’s sake – stay loyal to the team. Enough of the apathy garbage. The players depend on the fans to cheer them on and make the crappy parts of their job worthwhile. Anyone who has turned toward apathy should be ashamed. Use the passion of a true fan and do something about it but don’t blame the players and don’t make them the ones who take the brunt of your disloyalty. They are out there everyday taking risks for your entertainment. Go to a game, buy a hot dog and dream of next year.

In short – GO MARINERS!

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