Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hoopfest 2006

So this one is a little late in coming because I was waiting on some pictures and then got caught up working my tail off at work, although many of my friends wouldn’t believe that I actually have been working my tail off since I am such a great multitasker. Anyway, crazy life aside, I wanted to share about one of my favorite weekends in the summer, Hoopfest weekend. Hoopfest is the world’s largest 3 on 3 street basketball tournament and happens to be in Spokane, Washington where my family lives. So my team went over there, after not practicing like we should have but ready for a good time anyway.

My team this year consisted of Erin of course, Tim or Tom depending on if you want him to be mad at you or not, and Sweet Pete. I am not sure that Pete really appreciates the nickname my family gave him but at least my big burley cousin stopped calling him Sweet PEA. (Btw – my family asked how you were doing this past weekend Sweet Pete. I told them you were well, hopefully that was ok. They asked about you too Tim. I told them you were so so. haha)

Our team name was a bit of a problem this year. It is hard to compare to Your Mom which was our name last year and really one wouldn’t want to try to recreate what happened last year because we would fail so at 1:00am with no options from my stupid, noncreative, nonhelpful teammates I filled in the name Keith and Kelly’s Team. Now Tim, Erin and Pete might have given me a significantly hard time about this but the large number of points that I received for being the cool aunt when Keith and Kelly got T-shirts that said Coach on the back far outweighed any negative feelings they might have caused me to have. SO THERE!

Game 1: Well, we started out the tournament playing as though we were underwater unfortunately. I don’t know what it was that that caused it but unfortunately we did not fair well and off to the loser’s bracket we went. The most unfortunate part of that is our second game was hours away. So we wandered around Hoopfest and took in the sites, watch a bit of basketball and had lunch. I suckered Pete and Tim into taking Keith and Kelly on the carousel. Those kids can seriously get anything they want.

Game 2: Game 2 was a completely different story from Game 1. Granted the team we played in the second game wasn’t as good as the first one but we came alive and played much better than the first game. Our second game was our first victory and was a lot of fun. I love to play basketball. I could play everyday and never get bored. However, I am also extremely competitive and in a situation like Hoopfest there are times when that has to be tucked aside in the spirit of sportsmanship and not letting the guys on the team get down because they are important, so when I can play hoops and win I am generally the happiest that I can get.

Game 3: So, the difficulty for me in Game #3 was that I knew that if we lost we would be done. You are guaranteed three games but only get two losses. A lot was hinging on the game. If we lost we wouldn’t play on Sunday. It was a close game but unfortunately we came up short at the very end of the game. It was hard fought – Tim and Pete played their hearts out against an unstoppable foe (seriously the guy was worthy of the title of foe. He was amazing) and Pete even took a fall that would have made me cry and sit out the rest of the game. It was an unfortunate loss but I think all in all we had a great weekend anyway.
And on the plus side – because we didn’t have to play on Sunday, Pete, Erin and Tim came out to Lake Coeur D’Alene where my family had a cabin for the week. We got to swim and hang out and that was actually really nice too. Especially seeing as it reached at least 90 degrees on the blacktop on Sunday.

So – here’s to next year. Now if only I could get a team that would practice…..

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