Friday, July 07, 2006


My dad's best friend's wife's dad (seems odd and far removed but they are like an aunt and uncle to me) was a wonderful man who lived in a small town in central Iowa called Allison. I received an email today from my mom telling me he had passed away. In my second and third years of law school I would go down to Allison, bring dinner (although Heyo often insisted on taking me out and keeping the casserole for another time) and play cards with Heyo. One time he took me on the grand tour of the communities surrounding Allison. We went to this old museum that was awesome because you would find it nowhere else except in rural Iowa. I think it had one of the country's first tractors. He had a riding lawn mower that he used to mow the fields at the fairgrounds as his work. He loved that I understood the "farming" part of his life and we would sometimes go and look at cows. Sort of like kicking the tires of a car for a city person, this time spent examining an Angus deciding where its strengths and weaknesses were was a great bonding time for the both of us. I soon came to adore him and think of him as part of my family. After moving back to Washington I tried to keep in contact. I sent him cards on occasion and went and saw him every time I could when he was in Seattle. I had the joy of seeing him a few weeks ago when he was here. He had suffered a heart attack at home and had not been found for a few hours a few months ago and was moved to an assisted living home. He told me he hated it there. I told him he was missing the opportunities to find good card playing partners but he was so independent that the thought of staying there the rest of his life was difficult. I guess over the 4th of July he came down with pneumonia and he passed away late yesterday. Funny, I sent him a get well soon card yesterday. That seems a bit ironic. Hopefully when it arrives it will be looked at with love not as another idiotic act by me. Oh well.

Anyway, I will greatly miss my friend but I am glad he is on to a better place and he gets to be reunited with his one and only love, his wife, who passed away a number of years ago. I'll miss your wonderful smile Heyo!

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