Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Delta = the devil

So, generally I don't have problems with corporations. OK - maybe that isn't true. I don't believe in stepping foot into Best Buy (I was almost arrested there once for a loud and angry outburst. Thankfully I can outrun Minneapolis cops) and I have serious reservations whenever I step foot into Walmart, but that might have more to do with the clientele than the corporation itself. Delta has suddenly put itself squarely on my "list" actually almost above Best Buy because I have had to slightly forgive them based on the number of friends I have who work in their corporate office. Today I discovered there was a problem with a trip I took in May ACROSS the country to NYC. This is not an insignificant amount of mileage or time or money that I spent traveling. The idea was that it would be great to use Delta because I could get NWA miles but get the good fair that Delta was offering. Well, this seems great until Delta fails to send the mileage to NWA and low and behold has no record of ever having my NWA Frequent Flyer number. So I think to myself that this can't be too difficult, I call up NWA they tell me call Delta at such and such number and request a ticket receipt. Easy. So I call Delta and after sitting on hold while "Pete", who is obviously from or maybe even in India since he sounds like he is a thousand miles away and does not have an accent like any "Pete" I have ever known and there are three in my life right now, finds the reservation I get this information from him: "Mam, (first of all don't ever call me mam, I don't even know how to spell it since it is such an insult) all you have to do is write a letter to Delta requesting a ticket receipt and send with it a $20 check or money order and...." At that point I cut him off. "Excuse me "Pete" is it? Yeah, I am not paying $20 because Delta failed to send my mileage to NWA. Are you really asking me to pay $20 for your mistake? I have a receipt here on email that shows I supplied my frequent flyer number. Do you need to see that I did that?" His response was to again put me on hold and then come back with his annoying little voice and tell me there was nothing he could do about it and I would have to send the $20. At this point I was starting to get a little angry. For one thing this was cutting into my billable time at work and for another thing I could only understand about every third word coming out of "Pete's" mouth. I kindly and gently said "well gee 'Pete', thanks for nothing. Now please put me through to your supervisor." Again, the line went quiet. I said hello about ten times and finally his annoying voice came on the line saying he could do nothing to help me. Now I was getting mad and my voice was starting to elevate in volume a bit. "'Pete', I believe I need to speak to your Supervisor." Again, silence followed by about five "hellos" from my end of the line. Finally "Pete" informed me he would be transferring me to his Supervisor and she would help me. Click, hello? Line went dead as "Pete" found a way to cut me off completely.

So now, those of you who know me know my blood is absolutely boiling. I am ready to get in the car and drive to India to hang "Pete" up by his toes. Instead, I vow to never fly Delta again and pick up the phone to call Travelocity who I had made my reservation through. Again, I get a man who sounds like he is in India but his name is "Lucky". I think to myself, "ok, things are changing. I am about to get lucky" and even though it takes about six times to be sure he has my email address correct (l was not his strength and neither was T.) I was assured a ticket receipt was on its way. Alright NWA - let's see what you got.

Oh and one more thing - to see a HILARIOUS video about Delta and how terrible they are go to the link for Nathan's Daily Grind on the right and look for his Delta posting. It is great.


Anonymous said...

So, at the end of the day: did you get the milage credit?

KT said...

At the end of the day airlines will do everything they can to screw you so no, NWA didn't come through either. Hard lesson learned........