Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Death to all Cynicism

I discovered in my crazy busy day today that the profession of being a lawyer can really sneak up behind you and change you before you realize it has happened. I spoke this afternoon with an attorney who is opposing me in a case that will likely go to trial before the end of the year, unless it can be avoided which we are working for. He was the nicest guy, actually I think the first attorney I have spoken to lately that has treated me with respect, hasn't tried to hide the ball and was forthright with me about what exactly was going on from his point of view with the case. I hung up the phone from him and found myself furiously wracking my brain trying to figure out his angle. What was he trying to accomplish by telling me those things and what was I supposed to read between the lines? Mind you, I tend to be the type of attorney who doesn't hide the ball and who plays the kill them with kindness game. I suddenly had to give myself a reality check. Maybe this guy practices law like I do. Maybe he is honest and straightforward and wants to come to an amicable conclusion as well. Maybe I need to give people the consideration that I hope they give me. Maybe I need to learn to not allow my adversarial profession change me but instead work to change my adversarial profession.

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Torch (former church employee) said...

Funny... 10 years of working in churches did the exact same thing to me.