Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NYC Baby

Four words you don't want to hear when on an airplane: running out of fuel. But, I heard those words on Friday May 19th and lived to tell the tale. After being placed in two holding patterns trying to get into JFK I guess the plane was not going to make it so we were rerouted to Syracuse for fuel and then back to JFK after a five hour flight turned into an eight hour one. The good news though is my friend Erin who was traveling with me on a different flight had the same problem and we still arrived at JFK within minutes of each other. The adventure of a lifetime was in front of us and I loved every minute of it. Friday night we met up with my dear friend Matty and his adorable fiance for a great New York Italian dinner. Matty might fit nicely into the NYC skyline but he is still the Matty I have always known and loved and seeing him was on eof the highlights of the weekend.

The reason for the trip is I was part of a 250 voice choir that sang at Carnegie Hall, so early Saturday morning we had our first four hour rehearsal. It is amazing what a group of voices that large sounds like. I was blown away. Not only was it a beautiful sound but there was a number of friends there who I hadn't seen in many years. It was wonderful. Saturday night of course led to a great night out which didn't get Erin and I back to the hotel until around 5:00am and involved another amazing restaurant, about four different bars that couldn't have been anymore different from one another, attempting to go into the United States' last existing Speak Easy (closed for the night - I guess 3:30am was too late for them) and seeing one of the countries or maybe world's skinniest houses. Random fun was definitely had by all.

Throughout all of this Erin and I continued to do a lot of site seeing and I had a total of eight hours of rehearsal for the concert that was held on Monday night. Performing in a venue that is as special as Carnegie Hall is definitely something I will never forget. To think of all the greats that have been there before us was humbling and made the performance more of an honor.

I have a list of approximately 100 things I want to do before I die. I put perform at Carnegie Hall on the list a few years ago thinking it would never happen and low and behold the opportunity arose. Had I not had a list to go off of I might not have grabbed the opportunity and would have missed out. I definitely encourage all of you to sit down and do something similar.

So, I am back to reality today - working and pinching myself on occasion just to make sure it wasn't a dream. Amazing what taking advantages given to you when they come along can mean in a life. Grab hold to those that come - who knows, maybe the next thing you know you will be seeing those dreams unfold before your eyes.

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